Custom  Painting  and  Iron  Refinishing
At the Door and Screen Company, we work with our Associated Partners to offer all types of painting from traditional residential and commercial interior and exterior painting to Electrostatic and Powder coated finishes for Ironwork.

If you need is a simple color change, repaint or refinish, we will put the most knowledgeable people to work for you.  They will explain everything in detail and will not sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars on materials or time cutting techniques. 

If your need is iron refinishing due to fading, rust or updating a color, we offer 
Electrostatic painting and Powder coating.

Electrostatic painting is a technique that provides a fine sprayed finish for metal surfaces with a minimum of over spray and material waste.  Electrostatic is safe and environmentally friendly. Up to 98% of the paint is transferred to the surface, which means we use less paint, less solvents, and have very little over spray compared to conventional and airless spray application. This process is cleaner and faster than the usual way of painting metal objects on-site. Electrostatic can add more life and value to your iron railings, gates, fencing or any existing or new Ironwork.

Powder coating is a technique in which electrically charged powder is sprayed on a surface that is charged with the opposite electrical charge and then bakes on the coating in this type of painting.